Unicode 7.0で250個以上の絵文字が追加

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Unicode Consortiumが6月16日(現地時間)に文字コードの業界規格である「Unicode」の新バージョン「Unicode 7.0」を発表した中で、新たに250種類以上の絵文字が追加されたことが判明しました。Unicode 7.0では、ロシアルーブルやアゼルバイジャンマナトの通貨記号を含む2,834個の文字が追加されたほか、「Wingdings」と「webdings」のフォントで絵文字を表現することも可能になりました。これらの新絵文字がAndroidで利用できるようになるには、OSやブラウザやキーボードアプリ側でサポートされる必要があります。ThermometerBlack DropletWhite SunWhite Sun With Small CloudWhite Sun Behind CloudWhite Sun Behind Cloud With RainCloud With RainCloud With SnowCloud With LightningCloud With TornadoFogWind Blowing FaceHot PepperFork And Knife With PlateHeart With Tip On The LeftBouquet Of FlowersMilitary MedalReminder RibbonMusical Keyboard With JacksStudio MicrophoneLevel SliderControl KnobsBeamed Ascending Musical NotesBeamed Descending Musical NotesFilm FramesAdmission TicketsSports MedalWeight LifterGolferRacing MotorcycleRacing CarSnow Capped MountainCampingBeach With UmbrellaBuilding ConstructionHouse BuildingsCityscapeDerelict House BuildingClassical BuildingDesertDesert IslandNational ParkStadiumWhite PennantBlack PennantWaving White FlagWaving Black FlagRosetteBlack RosetteLabelChipmunkEyeCamera With FlashFilm ProjectorPortable StereoLower Right Shadowed White CircleUpper Right Shadowed White CircleNotched Right Semicircle With Three DotsSymbol For Marks ChapterWhite Latin CrossHeavy Latin CrossCeltic CrossOm SymbolDove Of PeaceRight SpeakerRight Speaker With One Sound WaveRight Speaker With Three Sound WavesBullhornBullhorn With Sound WavesRinging BellBookCandleMantelpiece ClockBlack Skull And CrossbonesNo PiracyHoleMan In Business Suit LevitatingSleuth Or SpyDark SunglassesSpiderSpider WebJoystickLeft Hand Telephone ReceiverTelephone Receiver With PageRight Hand Telephone ReceiverWhite Touchtone TelephoneBlack Touchtone TelephoneTelephone On Top Of ModemClamshell Mobile PhoneBack Of EnvelopeStamped EnvelopeEnvelope With LightningFlying EnvelopePen Over Stamped EnvelopeLinked PaperclipsBlack PushpinLower Left PencilLower Left Ballpoint PenLower Left Fountain PenLower Left PaintbrushLower Left CrayonLeft Writing HandTurned Ok Hand SignRaised Hand With Fingers SplayedReversed Raised Hand With Fingers SplayedReversed Thumbs Up SignReversed Thumbs Down SignReversed Victory HandReversed Hand With Middle Finger ExtendedRaised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring FingersWhite Down Pointing Left Hand IndexSideways White Left Pointing IndexSideways White Right Pointing IndexSideways Black Left Pointing IndexSideways Black Right Pointing IndexBlack Left Pointing Backhand IndexBlack Right Pointing Backhand IndexSideways White Up Pointing IndexSideways White Down Pointing IndexSideways Black Up Pointing IndexSideways Black Down Pointing IndexBlack Up Pointing Backhand IndexBlack Down Pointing Backhand IndexDesktop ComputerKeyboard And MouseThree Networked ComputersPrinterPocket CalculatorBlack Hard Shell Floppy DiskWhite Hard Shell Floppy DiskSoft Shell Floppy DiskTape CartridgeWired KeyboardOne Button MouseTwo Button MouseThree Button MouseTrackballOld Personal ComputerHard DiskScreenPrinter IconFax IconOptical Disc IconDocument With TextDocument With Text And PictureDocument With PictureFrame With PictureFrame With TilesFrame With An XBlack FolderFolderOpen FolderCard Index DividersCard File BoxFile CabinetEmpty NoteEmpty Note PageEmpty Note PadNoteNote PageNote PadEmpty DocumentEmpty PageEmpty PagesDocumentPagePagesWastebasketSpiral Note PadSpiral Calendar PadDesktop WindowMinimizeMaximizeOverlapClockwise Right And Left Semicircle ArrowsCancellation XIncrease Font Size SymbolDecrease Font Size SymbolCompressionOld KeyRolled-Up NewspaperPage With Circled TextStock ChartDagger KnifeLipsSpeaking Head In SilhouetteThree Rays AboveThree Rays BelowThree Rays LeftThree Rays RightLeft Speech BubbleRight Speech BubbleTwo Speech BubblesThree Speech BubblesLeft Thought BubbleRight Thought BubbleLeft Anger BubbleRight Anger BubbleMood BubbleLightning Mood BubbleLightning MoodBallot Box With BallotBallot Script XBallot Box With Script XBallot Bold Script XBallot Box With Bold Script XLight Check MarkBallot Box With Bold CheckWorld MapSlightly Frowning FaceSlightly Smiling FaceNorth West Pointing LeafSouth West Pointing LeafNorth East Pointing LeafSouth East Pointing LeafTurned North West Pointing LeafTurned South West Pointing LeafTurned North East Pointing LeafTurned South East Pointing LeafNorth West Pointing Vine LeafSouth West Pointing Vine LeafNorth East Pointing Vine LeafSouth East Pointing Vine LeafHeavy North West Pointing Vine LeafHeavy South West Pointing Vine LeafHeavy North East Pointing Vine LeafHeavy South East Pointing Vine LeafNorth West Pointing BudSouth West Pointing BudNorth East Pointing BudSouth East Pointing BudHeavy North West Pointing BudHeavy South West Pointing BudHeavy North East Pointing BudHeavy South East Pointing BudHollow Quilt Square OrnamentHollow Quilt Square Ornament In Black SquareSolid Quilt Square OrnamentSolid Quilt Square Ornament In Black SquareLeftwards RocketUpwards RocketRightwards RocketDownwards RocketVery Heavy SolidusVery Heavy Reverse SolidusChecker BoardReverse Checker BoardTriangle With Rounded CornersProhibited SignCircled Information SourceBoys SymbolGirls SymbolCouch And LampSleeping AccommodationShopping BagsBellhop BellBedHammer And WrenchShieldOil DrumMotorwayRailways TrackMotor BoatUp-Pointing Military AirplaneUp-Pointing AirplaneUp-Pointing Small AirplaneSmall AirplaneNortheast-Pointing AirplaneAirplane DepartureAirplane ArrivingSatelliteOncoming Fire EngineDiesel LocomotivePassenger ShipSource : Unicode Blog


楽天、Kobo Arc 7 HD 32GBモデルの割引セールを実施中、6月22日までは税込み19,800円!!
Samsung、「Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A」を発表、5.1インチWQHDディスプレイを搭載し、LTE-Advanced(Cat 6)に対応

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