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Matt : It’s just an emphasis on how we make it interesting for ourselves as well. Because it is important to feel connected to the music as well. We’re not too interested in whether people like it or not. One thing we found important when making the record was just trying to separate from the live experience. Having loads of different instrumentations that we wouldn’t have been able to do live just between the four of us. But we found it hard to translate the energy in live shows into a record.

Morgan : Along the same lines within music, live and studio are two different products so it wouldn’t make sense to treat them like they were the same thing. But definitely the whole thing about translating the energy to the studio was such a big factor because that there are so many records that do it well but it is hard to do. We actually wanted to take the music into a different space. We hadn’t actually been in a studio environment that much before we had recorded the album. So I would say we probably spent about 8 or 9 days in a studio setting with just us four which isn’t really that much. So I think we had adapted really well but a lot of that is down to Dan Carey the producer. How he’s just cool and super easy to work with. His studio is super suitable for the way we work. By that I mean really spontatious about adding different things here and there. And he could just set up a mic and record it in seconds. Whereas other places would be faffing around and ‘Let’s get the mic set up and let’s get it plugged in and…’ by that time the idea doesn’t feel feel anymore so.

Matt : It’s when they talk about whether to put a random instrument up on this random part and by the time they’ve finished talking about it, you like feel like you don’t want to do it anymore.

Morgan : You just drained all of the juice out of it. With Dan, there is no ego and that really manifests itself in the way that he doesn’t treat things like they belong to a certain thing. There are some producers who would say ‘Don’t use that instrument because that is for a certain type.’ Whereas Dan and we are just like ‘If it sounds cool then it sounds cool so just do it and put it on.’ The whole recording process was pretty seamless.

Matt : I wouldn’t say that it was challenge. Not at all.

Morgan : There wasn’t one hurdle that we had to overcome. It was a pretty smooth process.

ーーHow has this music of Black Midi developed within you guys? Have you always liked this kind of music or did you grow up listening to that kind of music or in general?

Matt : Well I started listening to music properly when I was nine and started learning the guitar when I was eleven but I wasn’t into this kind of music at the time. That kind of just came from going to the Brit School which is a musical art college. That is when I met Geordie and everyone else. And Geordie introduced me to all different kinds of music and that’s when we started playing together and messing around.

Morgan : I guess for me I started playing when I was two years old. Grew up in church and with
music all around me all of the time. My parent’s played and my uncles and aunties played so for me from a young age I knew that it was music that I was going to do but more on which avenue was it going to be. Fast forward to Brit School, I was going in with the mentality of a pop session musician because that was what I was doing before so that’s what I thought I was going to do. But then I met these guys. Like what Matt was saying but basically I was exposed to all this different kinds of music that I didn’t even know existed and thought I would be exposed to. So I think the whole Brit School environment did change my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Brit School because it just exposes you and forces you to become open-minded because much of it is about dropping grudges against certain things. If you don’t you are going to miss out on a lot of things. You kind of have to learn to be open-minded. Like Matt was saying we always share music with each other. Geordie showed me a lot of music. Me and Matty chat about music. But it was cool that we all had our own individual relationships. We were all mates before the band. It wasn’t like we were thrown into the mix to become a band and I think the cool thing is that we all have different backgrounds so now it’s like amalgamation because we have our own individual tastes that also influence the way we play and how the band sounds as well.

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